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"Class Reunion, Part II"
Postponed until further notice

Apologies to fellow classmates who may have been looking towards the weekend of October 18-19 2013 as another gathering.  It's been simply a lack of time and assistance for planning and organizing this event.  However, there is a chance there will still be a small gathering for this particular weekend.  Please visit our Facebook page at for all real-time updates regarding future events.  Once something is confirmed, it will be posted here too.  


30-Year Class Reunion Dates are set for
July 26-27, 2013

Friday July 26:  Durty Nellie's (Palatine)
Saturday July 27: McGonigal's Pub (Barrington)

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July 26-27, 2013

[July 25, 2013]  A little clarification on Saturday evening at McGonigal's Pub... our upstairs - where the majority of the event is taking place (food, entertainment, etc) - will be reserved exclusively for those who purchase either the cash bar or full bar package. Anyone that wants to attend without buying one of the packages is of course more than welcome to come to the Pub and The Annex... after all it is a public place. However, you just won't be allowed to go upstairs to the private party. Please note that the event costs we came up with are less expensive then our past couple reunions and you have TWO options - actually THREE if you count "just showing up" - and this was never available to us before. The package deals cover my cost of business, plus both options are a great deal anyway! Hopefully everyone understands and I look forward to a great turnout. In the fall we may do something similar but reverse the efforts (Pub event Friday, Nellies Saturday after the PHS football game).

Friday evening at
Durty Nellie’s is completely "no-frills", we just thought it would be nice to keep the tradition going. Myself and a few others who are helping out will be there early Friday to give out name tags. The plan is to meet outside on their 2nd level patio but if the weather turns ugly we'll be in the main band room. When you get there simply ask the hostess where the PHS Class Reunion people are located.

That's it for now... see you this weekend!

[July 17, 2013]  First and foremost, I would like to extend this invitation to Palatine High School classmates from the years 1980 – 1986 to correspond with people who were in school with our 1983 classmates.  Having said that, if you’re above or below those years and really want to attend, you’re still welcome.  Second, PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD on this event!  No formal invitations were mailed, so I’m hoping that all of you can get the news out to people that will have been missed by this event.  It would be greatly appreciated if you could take a few minutes to forward this message or talk to other classmates.  The more the merrier! 


Starting around 8 PM there will be a general gathering at Durty Nellie’s in Palatine, our old “haunt” so to say, though we can’t really call it the “new” Nellies anymore as it’s been there for almost ten years (yes, we did have our 20-year Friday night gathering at the “old” Nellies and they moved to the new location later that year).  The band that night is “Second Hand Smoke”, a Sublime tribute band, and cover is only $5.  Probably no specials for our group, but I will contact Nellies and see if they can more or less map off an area for us.  Updates on what we’re doing will be posted here shortly.   


This is the main event at McGonigal’s Pub & The Annex in downtown Barrington (these establishments are both connected).  The Pub’s 2nd level and Annex upstairs conference rooms will be exclusively used for our event, but everyone can roam around both places… there will be plenty of room!  Here’s what we’re doing: 

·        The event will start at 8:00 PM and run until closing (2:00 AM).

·        Casual, comfortable attire is recommended.  If you want to dress up, that’s fine too, and good for you!

·        Plentiful (heavy) appetizers will be available until midnight and there will be a special discounted menu for those who want to have a full dinner.

·        Morgan Fingleton will be playing live for our event, 9 PM – 1 AM.  He’s one of our more favorite acts; though he is Irish he plays mostly power pop & dance rock, all the stuff WE grew up listening to as he was a 1985 high school grad!

·        Time permitting we’ll organize some giveaways and raffles for prizes (I may need some help with this to make it happen)

·        TWO different options for participating:

o   $65 per person includes 4 hour premium bar package, food and entertainment (best deal for the drinkers).

o   $35 per person includes food, entertainment and cash bar.

o   Soft drinks, coffee and party favors are complimentary for both packages. 

We are NOT selling tickets in advance, you can simply pay at the door (which will be in the Pub 2nd level).  Cash or credit card is fine, no checks please.  Also, if you could please RSVP on the Facebook reunion page or via this Event Invitation, that will give us a good idea of the crowd coming for organizational purposes.

 More information, a bit of housekeeping stuff but important nonetheless: 

·        I will need a few volunteers to help with general stuff – minor decorations, nametags, organizing, etc. If you can provide assistance at Durty Nellies on Friday and/or the Pub on Saturday, please email me at; a Facebook message works too.

·        We also WILL do “PHS Class of ’83 30-Year Reunion, Part II” in the fall centered around a PHS football game, probably the same type of setup that we're doing for round #1. Hopefully this will allow myself and a committee to reach out and capture more fellow classmates. If you can attend both, great! More on this will be posted later as a date is secured.

·        If you’re not familiar with downtown Barrington, we are located in an old brick bank building  that’s a block east of Rt. 59 (Hough Street) and ¼ block south of Lake-Cook Road (Main Street) right off of Cook street.  We’re actually about two blocks from the Barrington Metra train station; that’s the Union Pacific Metra that also stops in Palatine by Durty Nellies (a 6-7 minute train ride)!  Maps & location information is on our website, and there is plenty of parking available.  Check us out at or   

·        The closest hotels to us are:

o   Hampton Inn, Deer Park (21660 W. Lake Cook Rd, 847-726-0500)

o   Holiday Inn Express Lake Zurich (197 S Rand Rd, 847- 726-7500)

o   America’s Best Value Inn, Barrington (405 W Northwest Hwy, 888- 315-2378).  I’ll be honest with you, this one is very close to the Pub but is definitely a “budget” hotel if you know what I mean.  

Finally I am going to apologize for the poor planning of this event.  I am aware that there are many of you who would have liked to come to this but can’t due to such late notifications and no formal invitations.  I more or less put the weight of this reunion on myself with no delegation; with the ridiculous hours I spend working and of course trying to balance in some life/family time, I just couldn’t make it properly happen.  However, excuses aside, this should be a great time and planning the “Part II” fall event should hopefully attract more classmates.  YES, I’ll need help for that one if we want it to be a big success!!! 

More updates will be posted here shortly, and the website will be updated too.  Hope to see you at our reunion weekend! 

Bryan McGonigal

A PDF of the above information is available by clicking here



Some general updates and more specific details on the events will be posted here soon, but due to time and assistance limitations this site won't be frequently updated.  Interactive correspondence will be handled directly through the Facebook group page.  Recent posting are below:


May 7 at 10:54am   Everyone - quick update on the reunion dates: from the feedback received, it seems like July 26-27 is a "GO" in terms of dates. It's been set aside on the calender at McGonigal's Pub, and I'll get in touch with Durty Nellie's regarding the Friday gathering. I'm also hoping to get a full committee together shortly so details can be discussed. So, for now please plan on July 26-27, with more to be announced ASAP.
April 21 at 2:02pm   Folks - long time no talk or updates! Questions have been filtering in about the reunion, but without having any meetings or a formal committee constructed yet we have nothing officially set. HOWEVER, I will propose the following for now and hopefully get a committee together within the next couple weeks to officially approve:

**Friday July 26th - An informal gathering at
Durty Nellie's in Palatine. No frills, just a meeting ground for PHS Class of '83 grads. It's kind of traditional anyway.

**Saturday July 27th - the official gathering at
McGonigal's Pub in Barrington. The huge plus to having it here - besides being a kick-ass place :-) - is this is my direct cost control will help keep it very affordable for everyone. I'd propose casual attire, buffet-style appetizer menu all nig
ht long, live entertainment (TBD) and exclusive use of our 2nd level as the main area for our event.

One other idea was to include classes a couple years above and below us, making it a PHS Class of '81 - '85 event. I'm sure we'll have enough of our own classmates interested, but I'd be OK with having more in attendance if they want to join us.

Anyway, please pass along your thoughts, and and the meantime I will also update the page with basic information while directing people to Facebook for most updates.


November 28, 2012 at 1:46pm  30-year reunion questions have been coming up more frequently over the past few weeks. No worries everyone, we WILL be having a reunion in the summer of 2013, and the plan is to get the Reunion Committee together to start working on it right after the holidays. More details forthcoming, but know that we will aim to make this a casual event that's simple, accessible and affordable to everyone. And we definitely have excellent options of places to have it!

Feel free to forward this page link to anyone from the PHS1983 class, and soon the website will be resurrected from it's three year hiatus! Happy Holidays everyone and we'll be in touch again soon.
August 18, 2012 at 10:06am  Palatine High School Class of '83 Alumni... plans for the 30-year reunion (held sometime in the summer of 2013) will commence later this fall. More info will be posted here and the old


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