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General Classmate/Site Updates 2009-2010

Reunion Weekend Recap and Posted Pictures

Older News & General Info

Stay in touch with fellow classmates through Facebook!

(12/27/09) Back in the late summer of 2008 when I first started encouraging fellow classmates to join Facebook, it was still a relatively new concept to people our age - there were about 130 million users worldwide and it still was seemingly targeted towards younger audiences.  Since that time it has expanded into a very powerful and obviously well known social networking entity, currently with over 350 million users AND a huge amount of "older" people on it.  I did a quick search and counted over 1700 PHS alumni from the classes of 1980-1986 . . . and that's just the people who have actually registered PHS in their profiles!  Back about a year ago (December 2008) there were about 600, so the use numbers have increased rather dramatically.  It's a truly outstanding interactive way to keep in touch with family, friends and of course fellow classmates.  I will be using this rather extensively for future correspondence and strongly encourage everyone to get set up with an account.

Signing up for it is easy and completely FREE; you need not put down any credit card info or personal data other than a valid e-mail address.  During the signup process the program will walk you through setting up your profile, friends, picture postings, etc.  Even the most technologically-adverse individuals can be up and running on it in virtually no time and will find the ease of use quite appealing....and addicting!  Give it a try, and find me online using the below link:

Please note that once you've created an account there are additional PHS related group pages to access, the main one for us is titled Palatine High School Class of 1983 (thanks to Darin Pope for starting it).  I encourage you to join this group as we will use it in conjunction with this website for ongoing communications.  The nice thing with the Facebook group page is that it's much more interactive than this website!  Additionally there is a more general group page titled Palatine High School Alumni which you can access here

I will not use in the future as accessing most of its features requires you to shell out a subscription fee.  Facebook is definitely the way to go . . . oh and I did I mention that it's completely free?  If you haven't done so already, go sign up now and have fun with it!

General Classmate/Site Updates 2009-2010

December 27, 2009 - this is the first PHS site update in nearly a year (no joke), which though being a pretty good reflection of apathy hopefully isn't totally viewed that way!  We all have busy lives and those who want to stay in touch are doing so already . . . and let's face it, we're roughly 3½ years away from our next big reunion.  Combine all that with the success of networking sites like Facebook and you can probably understand the issue.  However, do not worry, this site will continue to be the main focal point for all Class of 1983 information and occasional important updates will be added as necessary.  Figure that you'll see much more activity starting in the summer of 2012.

We would still like to plan some "informal reunion" gatherings in the future, perhaps in conjunction with some of the other classes.  A few other classes have done this by organizing through Facebook, with the last "big" one happening January 2009 at Lamplighters.  When more of these are planned, info will be emailed out and posted here (and of course on Facebook).

I continue to receive the occasional classmate contact info updates that are added to the master database; eventually I'll update the contact page again.  If you have moved or changed email addresses, please fill out the quick form on the Classmates page - it takes just a minute and will assure you'll keep getting important updates.  Note that for privacy reasons actual contact info is NOT shared online - if you need someone's info you can request it with a simple email to me.

I've also shut down the Guestbook as it was attracting the spammer postings, plus nobody from our class has posted anything there in quite a while.  Original (non-spam) postings have been retained, and if you'd like to add something just send me a message and I'll post it for you.

In closing I'd like to put in a plug for my new business venture - McGonigal's Pub - which is planned to be open in downtown Barrington no later than March 1st of 2010.  This has been my all consuming project for the bulk of 2009 and will obviously continue for quite a while!  Once we are up and running, we'll definitely plan an "informal reunion" gathering here.  I'm also pleased to announce that this coming summer my pub will be hosting the PHS Class of 1985 25-year reunion.  Sláinte!

To all attendees . . . THANK YOU!

This is a NEW full picture, scanned from an 8x10 provided by the photographers.
Click on it for a larger version, suitable for download or printing.

CLICK HERE for the full weekend reunion write-up!

After nearly a year of work and planning by the committee, our 25 year class reunion held on July 18-19 has come and gone.  It certainly appears that everyone who attended the festivities really had a great time, and I'm sure there will be plenty of fond memories and stories to tell for years to come.  THANK YOU for helping make this reunion a success!

Pictures from Friday Pictures from Saturday

As of now I'm pleased to report that all pictures taken by me (Bryan) are posted for viewing.  The permanent link location, along with many other pictures from our 20 year event, can be found in the Pictures section of our website.  If you see any pictures you like feel free to steal them off the site...and if you'd like to have some of the original images (10 MP, large size) I'm happy to provide them to you upon request - just send me a message at with the picture number(s).

If you were taking pictures at the reunion, please send them to me so I can expand the online offering.  See the below message for details.  We will also be getting back pictures from the reunion photographer in the near future and will be happy to share those on the site when they're available.

Photographer/Memory Book update

For those of you who ordered & paid for the "Memory Book" at the reunion, you should have received your proofs back in early September, along with a 8x10 group photo.  Apparently "there were not enough orders placed to produce a memory book."  I find this rather disappointing considering that many of us paid $25 for the book and ended up receiving one overpriced picture.  I will investigate into this; though I doubt it will do any good it's worth a try to see what, if anything, we can get.

FYI, a scanned copy of the group photo is below (replaced the digital pic).

Thank you for your donations - you've really helped!

As we had reported earlier, due to an unexpected low main event turnout the committee had fallen short of meeting the banquet hall minimums.  This meant that  the committee members - who over the past year have have donated countless hours of their time putting together these events - were faced with the prospect of also having to pay the extra amount owed out of their own pockets.

I am pleased to report that thanks to the generosity of many fellow PHS classmates, we have covered our debt!  This is a true testament to what a wonderful group of people comprise the Class of 1983.  With that in mind, I would like to specifically recognize the following individuals who stepped up and "saved the day" for the committee, plus virtually assuring there will be future reunion events: 

Sandra Bauman George Kelly Any Pieper-Kendrick
Julie Bunting-Poland Jenny Larson-Thurber Cindy Pomeroy-Krueger
Mary Cairns-Bunta Krista Leahy-Voltolina Kelly Purcell-Skepnek
Maribeth Chambers Dan Loughmiller Susan Russell-Harry
Ed Cheatham John Lundin Tom Schaffer
Kara Clausen Lisa Maher-Estes Loreen Sieroslawski-Mulderink
Brad Eckenroth Dave Marsala Loretta Spaniol-Hedges
Ginnette Gilmartin Matt McElman Beth Stein-Kurlander
Dave Heselbarth Jill McGovern-Lovall Brett Weiss
Christine Johnson Corina Mueller-Baker  
Mike Kapsch John O'Driscoll  

Though the mission-critical requests are over, if you would be able to donate funds to the committee that would help us cover future reunion planning expenses, feel free to use one of the below links. 

$25 Donation $50 Donation You choose amount
(fill in on donations page)

The donations page will open up in a separate window, and please note that like the online ticket purchases this is a completely secure form of payment.  You do NOT need a PayPal account to donate money - this works with any major credit card.  Once you have completed your transaction you'll receive confirmation from the PayPal site and a receipt of payment will automatically be e-mailed to you.

If you'd rather send us a check, that's fine!  Checks should be made out to PHS Class of 1983.  Mail to:
PHS Class of 1983
P.O. Box 238
Wauconda, IL  60084-0238

Feel free to contact us via e-mail at with any questions or comments.


Feedback?  GIVE IT TO US!

We've set up a rudimentary guestbook/feedback form for use by anyone who would like to "sign in" and leave a brief message.  This will be less cumbersome to use than the overly-ambitious forum that really wasn't used by anyone.  At the moment it is a bit rough but I will look to do some cosmetic improvements as time permits.  Click on a below link and chat away:

***Post a Message***          View Postings

You can also access this through the "Guestbook" link at the right, which has replaced the forum link.  This will take you directly to the view postings page.  To add a message, you simply need to clikc on the "New Entry" link at the top right of that page.

Please send us your reunion photos!!!

There were several digital cameras in the crowd during our Friday and Saturday events. I'm currently going through and setting up the pictures off of my camera for posting, but while doing this I'd also like to include as many as possible from anyone who can share their photos.  You need to get these to me ASAP, and they can be sent electronically a couple ways:

***If you just have a few, feel free to e-mail them to

***If you have several and would like to upload them, there's a special FTP site set up specifically for this process.  Using an FTP program is the quickest, but if you are not familiar with this process, clicking on the below link will open up your IE web browser - follow the instructions to open up Windows Explorer, which will allow you to "drag and drop" pictures from your PC into the directory:
Link:   User Name: u36036862-PHS   Password: pirates83
(Click on the VIEW menu, then choose Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer)

If you have printed copies and would rather mail them, send to:
PHS Class of 1983, P.O. Box 238, Wauconda IL 60084-0238. 

Classmates with Businesses - would you like to advertise here?

Several of our fellow classmates either own their own businesses or may be in the position to advertise their place of employment.  In our efforts to raise additional funds for this and future reunions, the committee would like to solicit your help.  For a $100 donation we will place an ad for your business on this website.  The ad will be listed in the Sponsors section and on the main page.  Additionally, your ad will remain on our site until you notify us to have it removed.

Funds will be used to cover administrative issues, additional expenses and future reunion-related activities.  Unfortunately ads placed are not tax-deductable, but in terms of advertising this is a very inexpensive rate and should get your business some nice exposure.  If you are interested, please contact Bryan for further information.

Continuing our search for updated contact info

We had slightly over 400 mailing addresses in our database; these people were sent an "official" reunion invitation which was mailed on May 22nd.  Please note that every one of our 595 fellow Class of 1983 classmates were invited and did NOT need an "official" invite to attend any of the events!  To view a copy of the invite or download a PDF version, click here.

If you didn't get an invitation in the mail, and if you did not receive the postcard reminder from us back in early April, that probably means we do not have a valid mailing address for you.  If by chance you have NEVER heard from us via USPS or e-mail, please accept our apologies but guess what - we don't have any valid contact info on you!  This is an easy fix, simply visit our Classmates page to update your contact data. And, while you're at it...

...WE NEED YOUR HELP!  The Classmates page contains lists of individuals that have either outdated or no contact information.  Any help you can provide to update yourself or by tracking down others would be greatly appreciated - in fact on that page is an easy submit form to send us info. Please go to our Classmates Page to fill out complete contact information.  This info is for our records; it will remain confidential and will NOT be published or distributed.

Please also feel free to send info directly to

From January 21 2008 through the start of our 25 year class reunion we received over 180 updates directly from classmates!  Some confirmed current info we already had but most contained new or updated contact info.  THANK YOU to everyone who has taken the time to help.  The committee will continue to send out requests to locate missing fellow classmates all the way up until our reunion.  Any leads we can get are fine, but a valid e-mail address is the most important as most of our notifications will be sent out this way.

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures...

I'd like to thank the few people who have sent in some OLD pictures from our high school (and a few Jr. High) days.  I will be adding these to the pictures page in the 25th Reunion section.  PLEASE send in some pictures of yourself or fellow classmates - they can be recent or from the past, it doesn't matter.  You can e-mail them to me or mail them for scanning; see the pictures page for more details.

General Site & Contact Notes

In order to best reach everyone online we have established a presence on,, MySpace, Facebook, and the Palatine High School alumni page.  However, you will find no new information on these sites; none of them will be updated as they all direct people to this site.  Be sure to visit often for reunion and class updates.

Advertising & Donations: our fundraising committee will be seeking opportunities, but we are happy to consider any business or individual who would like to advertise on our site - rates will be very reasonable and all proceeds go to the reunion fund.  If you are interested in submitting an ad, please contact for details.  Obviously any donations of money, products or services would be greatly appreciated!

A quick note on e-mail viruses (from Bryan McGonigal)...I posted this a few times in the past, but just to confirm:  NO virus or malware currently invading inboxes across the world are being spread through my e-mail or those associated with  If you've received any odd messages that seem to be from a name with the address, it's probably one of the spoof viruses on the net.  Occasionally I get one from myself, which always cracks me up!


Note that this website is maintained by committee chairman Bryan McGonigal, who also writes and posts virtually all the content.  This would be your reference point when "I" is used in some of the articles!

For additional committee and general contact information, visit the contact us page.

Send all general correspondence to

Thank you for visiting!


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